What Is ATY

Air Textured Yarn (ATY) otherwise called turned like yarn is created through a broad mechanical interaction which incorporates the utilization of cold air steam to produce the mass yarns. These kinds of yarns have a cotton-like comparable touch and warmth. Polyester Air Textured Yarn offers an alternate appearance and hand to the textures and further upgrades its look and feel. ATY is an astounding substitute for the manufactured hand of the misleading turned yarns and is one of the most adaptable techniques for yarn texturizing as it consolidates various sorts of fibers together. Polyester Filament ATY is lightweight, wear safe, simple to spotless and fast dry. ATY has a great many little unmistakable circles that outcome in the texture to have such a particular look and feel. Chamunda PVT LTD is India’s one of the main makers of top notch finished yarn and is additionally a significant exporter of finished yarns in the worldwide market in nations like South Korea, Portugal, Peru and some more. The air-finished line produced by Chamunda PVT LTD is a brilliant model that depicts how different yarns can be participated to make a wide extent of thickness and capacities. Today, DFPL Air Textured Yarn is gladly being utilized in different texture applications going from Shirting and Leggings to Sports Wear, Casual Jackets and so on. The further applications incorporate formation of dress materials, sarees, beautiful textures and some more.

ATY :- Features & Benefits

  • Offers a cotton-like feeling
  • Maintains the functions as same as filament yarns
  • Varieties of fibre combinations are applicable ranging from developing slub yarns to fancy yarns

Summary List: Polyester Air Textured Yarn

Air Textured Yarn Product Range
Regular RangeNylon RangeExclusive Range
30 S ATY90 NY Slub60 FD ATY
40 S ATY110 NY Slub120 Spider
90 DOLA CD280 NY SlubTitan 120 Denier
110 Vichitra120 NY Neps270 Suffi
160 Kabil Crystal170 NY NepsDiamond 300
220 Sparkle 325 Royal K6 Khadi
325 Khadi Sunsilk 135 Denier