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With a vision to build “Chamunda Group” as one of the leading manufacturers in the textile industry, Chamunda Group has since grown to be a significant player in the polyester texturized yarn market.

About Chmunda Pvt Ltd.

Chamunda Synthetics PVT LTD was founded in 1995, and since then, it has expanded quickly to become one of India's major producers and exporters of polyester yarn.

Chamunda Synthetics PVT LTD has been on an exhilarating journey for more than 20 years, and it is still today relentlessly motivated to realise its objective of becoming one of India's top textile groups, providing for all textile needs under one roof. I'm pleased to report that the group is making headway and moving forward with assurance.

The Chamunda Synthetics PVT LTD treats its group of people as valuable members of their family. We are confident about expanding our expanding footprint in the textile industry in India as India attains its golden glory in the world.

Our ability to create DTY yarn and ATY yarn products with a strong infrastructure has enabled us to take a more active role in India's developing textile industry.

We are one of India's most reputable manufacturers of polyester yarn right now, and we provide our top-notch services for a very reasonable cost. Every time we deliver an item, we make a point of doing so in a timely manner and with a commitment to ensuring total client satisfaction.

Draw Texturized Yarn (PDTY)

Twisting and stretching polyester partially oriented yarn at the same time creates polyester stretch textured yarn (PDTY) (POY). DTY is used in a wide range of sectors, including the production of household textiles, seat covers, and woven and knitted materials for clothing.

Air Textured Yarn (ATY)

Spun-like yarn, sometimes referred to as air-textured yarn (ATY), is made via a labor-intensive mechanical procedure that uses cold air steam to make bulky yarn. These kinds of yarns feel warm and similar to cotton.

Why Choose Us?

Quality Assured

A dependability and prevalent quality principles separates us from our rivals in the polyester market.

Innovative Solutions

Since our starting points, our need has been to create advancing and esteem creation for our clients. Most recent innovation machines combined with unrivaled HR rehearses give an ideal work space to Chamunda’s development.

Professional Team

Our representatives are our most noteworthy strength contributing towards the development of Saanika. We will proceed to sustain and put resources into them to convey extraordinary execution in the years to come also.

Efficiency and On-time delivery

We know the worth of time for our clients. We center around fulfilling the time constraints and conveying the transfers on time.

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What Clients Say

"Since working with Chamunda PVt LTD for more then ten years, we are appreciative of their assistance. They are bigest suppliers of any kind of kota yarn with finest quality. We are very grateful for your services because they reduce the likelihood of complaints and consistently uphold the promise of high-quality delivery. We know we can rely on you to provide us with high-quality supplies.."
Mahalakshmi yarn pvt ltd.
"We are very much thankful to Chamunda Synthetics pvt ltd for working with us. We are sure that your kota yarn quality is the best in the market and they are market leader in kota quality. Beside of business they built costumer relationship with us like a family. They help us to make us known for our quality with consistent and best quality product."
A.P. Yarns
"Chamunda Synthetics Pvt Ltd. Is the leading manufacturer of colour kota yarn. Their consistent quality and supply of kota yarn is best we are working with. They are market leader in all kind of kota yarn specially nylon kota yarn they have best quality."
Shakeel Ahmad

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